Bank Debt Inquiry Process

In order to avoid interest on the debts to the Bank, it is necessary to follow up the debt regularly and not to interrupt the payment times. There are various methods to learn the debt to banks.

Current debts in banks can be queried via SMS or telephone banking and via internet banking. The bank’s online banking service can be used for a detailed breakdown, and in case of any confusion, support can be obtained 24/7 from customer service .

Do I owe banks?


When exchanging money with the bank:

  • A payment plan is established between the bank and the customer and customers are expected to pay to the bank within this plan.
  • This is how the system works for both credit card and credit usage.
  • Payments that are not made at specified times may result in a variety of sanctions.
  • There is a wide range of services that banks offer to their clients for debt inquiry, as omitted bank payments may cause various problems.

Bank Debt Inquiry with Telephone Banking


If you want to be informed about your bank debts via telephone banking:

  • You can call the bank that you owe and contact the customer representative to get information about the amount you owe to the bank and the payment plan.
  • To do this, you must answer the security questions posed by the customer representative correctly.

Bank Debt Inquiry Through Bank Branches


Debt inquiry can also be provided on the condition that an identity card is presented from any branch of the bank.

Bank Debt Inquiry with e-government

It is not possible to question bank debt through e-government. However, if your bank account is blocked due to e-lien transaction, you can get information about this issue through e-government.

  • To make e-foreclosure inquiry via e-government, click on the link we have shared below and after logging into the system, type ‘Electronic Foreclosure Query Applied to Bank Accounts’ and click on the suggestion.
  • You will be redirected to Revenue Administration page after clicking ‘Go to Application’ button on the opened page. You can find out if there is a foreclosure transaction registered on the Revenue Administration’s online service page. Again, the same system can be paid over the debt subject to foreclosure.

Debt Inquiry with Internet Banking

Many transactions can be performed without having to go to the bank branch via internet banking. Almost all transactions such as money transfers and invoice payments from the branch can also be realized through internet banking. Debt inquiry is one of them. However, in order to log in to internet banking, you must first have approved the use of your bank account for online services and obtained an internet banking password.

Bank Debt Inquiry Through SMS

Debt inquiry can be performed by sending a short message to the database of the bank to be debited.

Here’s what to do:

  • Create an SMS template.
  • The transaction can be done by sending an SMS with the relevant keywords and details to the bank’s short message number.
  • After the SMS is sent, the center evaluates the incoming SMS request and sends an information message as soon as possible. As a result of the assessment, the debt information is documented.

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